Universal PreKindergarten (UPK) Programs

School Districts and Charter Schools Resources 

What is UPK?Assembly Bill 130 established an early learning initiative to expand access to universal prekindergarten.

● Universal Prekindergarten is a high-quality learning experience the year prior to kindergarten.

● By 2025–26, UPK will be offered to four-year-old children in California.

● UPK is a mixed delivery system that includes transitional kindergarten (TK), California State Preschool Program (CSPP), Head Start Programs, other early learning and care providers, and additional partners.

● Expanded Learning Opportunities Program also provides TK–6th grade students access to full-day programs aligned with the needs of parents.

Charter Schools Resources – SCOE Early Learning
School Districts and Charter Schools Resources – SCOE Early Learning
Universal PreKindergarten (UPK) Programs – SCOE Early Learning

Transitional Kindergarten Age Eligibility Roll-Out

Explore the phased implementation schedule for Transitional Kindergarten (TK) age eligibility and learn about the key milestones in making this important educational transition a reality.

Find more information at the TKCalifornia website. Download the UPK Family Option Resource below. 

UPK Implementation Schedule – SCOE Early Learning
Implementer and Partner Engagement – SCOE Early Learning

Implementer and Partner Engagement

These materials are designed for county offices of education, districts, community-based partners providing California State Preschool Programs (CSPP), Head Starts, early childcare providers, and advocates to digest and use with teams to understand the various components and opportunities included with UPK as UPK programs are built locally.

● Slide Deck: Key information for implementers (PDF or PowerPoint)● Two-pager: Key information for implementers

Universal PreKindergarten Brand and Promotion Materials

● Universal PreKindergarten Logo and brand guidelines● Zoom backgrounds● Branded PowerPoint template● Signature block images● Branded Word Document Template

If you have any feedback or suggestions about how these materials can be improved, please submit them using this form.

Learn more about the Sacramento UPK Collaborative here.

Key Information for UPK Providers Serving 4 Year Olds

Key Information for UPK Providers Serving 4 Year Olds – SCOE Early Learning

Explore California Department of Education’s (CDE) comprehensive resources for early education! Download the CDE's Universal PreKindergarten (UPK) Curriculum Guidance for 4-year-old children and the Transition to Elementary School toolkit to support your child's smooth journey from preschool to the elementary years.

The Promising Universal Prekindergarten Practice video series

The Promising Universal Prekindergarten Practice video series includes interviews with leaders from districts, charter schools, county offices of education, and partner agencies to support Universal Prekindergarten (UPK). 
The following video series describe collaborative partnerships, professional learning models, and strategies and resources to support developmentally-informed practices for UPK.

Family Information on UPK

Family Information on UPK – SCOE Early Learning

For questions about UPK, contact Dr. Julie Montali, Executive Director, Early Learning.