Sacramento Consortium for Empowering Early Educators (SacE3) Program

The Sacramento Consortium for Empowering Early Educators (SacE3) is a local partnership that was formed to increase and support a highly qualified early learning and care workforce. SacE3 is made up of school districts, charter schools, early learning and care providers, institutions of higher education, and community partners. The Early Learning Department at the Sacramento County Office of Education (SCOE) was selected to receive a grant from the California Department of Education to create and coordinate the partnership.
*For assistance in Spanish, Russian, Farsi, or Arabic - call Child Action, Inc. at (916) 369-0191.Para obtener ayuda en español, ruso, farsi o árabe, llame a Child Action, Inc. al (916) 369-0191.Если вам нужна помощь на испанском, русском, фарси или арабском языке, позвоните в Child Action, Inc. по телефону (916) 369-0191.للحصول على مساعدة باللغة الإسبانية أو الروسية أو الفارسية أو العربية - اتصل بشركة Child Action, Inc. على الرقم (916) 369-0191.

SacE3 supports transitional kindergarten (TK) teachers, expanded learning educators, and early learning and care staff. Opportunities include:

1. Stipends for college coursework completed at Los Rios Community Colleges to:            ● Acquire, upgrade, or maintain your Child Development Permit            ● Complete TK requirements            ● Earn your associate degree in early childhood            ● Learn English as a Second Language (ESL)

2. Tuition support for internship programs to become a transitional kindergarten teacher

3. Tuition support to earn a Bachelor of Arts degree in child and adolescent development

4. Professional Growth Advising to attain or renew Child Development Permits

Due to limited funding, stipends and tuition assistance cannot be guaranteed. Applicants may not participate for college course unit stipends from both the SacE3 program and the Workforce Pathways Grant (WPG) program in the same semester or round.

Professional Growth Advising

The SacE3 Professional Growth Advisor Registry supports the early learning and care workforce in obtaining or renewing Child Development Permits. SacE3 supported advisees may qualify for a $200 stipend!

Professional Growth Advising – SCOE Early Learning

For more information about SacE3's professional growth opportunities, visit the SacE3 Professional Growth Padlet.

Los Rios Community College Unit Coursework Stipends

Educators may earn stipends of up to $150 per unit to learn English as a Second Language (ESL); acquire, upgrade, or maintain their Child Development Permit; complete TK requirements; or earn an associate degree in early childhood. Enhanced Stipend College Courses are $175 per unit.

Internship Programs

Educators may receive tuition support of up to $7,000 or more to earn a P-3 or multiple-subject credential to be eligible to teach transitional kindergarten. Intern programs support candidates during the mandatory Preservice, as a full time teacher, and throughout the two-year Intern Program. 

Education Internship Program at Sacramento County Office of Education

Intern teachers are assigned an on-site mentor and receive ongoing coaching from SCOE supervisors as well as faculty from the School of Education.

For questions, please email:Tierra Crothers: ten.eocs%40srehtorct

Fortune School of Education Intern Program

District interns are grouped in cohorts and supported in their training by program leadership, instructors, field supervisors, on-site mentors, and site administrators.

For questions, please email:Ashley Ramos: su.loohcsenutrof%40somara

CSUS Child and Adolescent Development Degree 

Sixteen early educators are receiving up to $10,000 in tuition support to attain a Bachelor of Arts degree in Child and Adolescent Development (CHAD) from Sacramento State so they can enter an internship program and teach transitional kindergarten. The 2023 cohort is closed. Please contact Jacqueline Jang at ude.susc%40gnaj.enileuqcaj about future opportunities.

Career Pipeline in Education: Early Learning

The Sacramento County of Education Career Pipeline supports the full continuum of professional careers in early learning and care. The pipeline is a roadmap to the profession which is defined by a series of flexible paths starting with sparking an interest in high school students and continuing with support for aspiring preschool and transitional kindergarten teachers. 

The Sacramento County of Education Career Pipeline – SCOE Early Learning

For questions about SacE3, contact Steven Hicks, Coordinator, Early Learning.