College Coursework Unit Stipend Checklist

2024 SPRING Semester SacE3 Los Rios Community College Stipend Program 


This document describes the steps to apply for and submit a documentation packet for a SacE3 College Coursework Stipend for college units taken at Los Rios Community College during the 2024 SPRING Semester. 

SacE3 College Coursework Stipend

• Participants may earn college units to:            1. Attain 24 Early Childhood Education (ECE) units to qualify to teach Transitional Kindergarten.            2. Acquire, achieve or advance a Child Development Permit;              3. Complete an Early Childhood Education (ECE) associate degree, including General Education (GE) courses;              4. Take English as a Second Language (ESL) courses.  

• All units must be completed with a grade of "C" or better to receive a stipend. 

• College Unit Stipend Amount: $125 per unit

• Up to 12 units permitted for each semester/round. 

Complete These 7 Steps

Step 1: View the SacE3 Informational Webinar recording. 

Step 2: Register at Los Rios Community College and receive a student ID “W” number (if you do not have one), and register for course(s). You will need your ID number to complete the SacE3 application.

Step 3: Complete your W-9, print, sign, date, and scan to a PDF. We will also accept a picture. You will need to have this ready to upload your W-9 to the SacE3 2024 SPRING Semester Los Rios Community College Coursework Unit Stipend application. Download the W-9 form here

SacE3 College Coursework Stipend 1 – SCOE Early Learning
SacE3 College Coursework Stipend 2 – SCOE Early Learning

Step 4: Apply for the 2024 SPRING Semester Los Rios Community College Coursework Unit Stipend using the online application at by March 15, 2024. You will upload your W-9 to the application.

Step 5: Accept the invitation to join the Los Rios Community College SacE3 Canvas Course from Laurie Perry, SacE3 Los Rios Community College Coordinator or Amira Bell, Student Specialist, unless you have previously joined.

Step 6: Have your administrator/supervisor complete and sign the Employment Verification form and scan to a PDF. We will also accept a photo. Upload the form to the Canvas platform by April 15, 2024. The form is a Canvas assignment.

Step 7: Upload your Los Rios Community Colleges 2024 Spring Semester transcript with course work completed with grade “C” or better to the Canvas platform by May 28, 2024..

Documents to Submit for your SacE3 College Coursework Stipend and Due Dates

When you enroll in Los Rios Community Colleges, you will receive a student ID number (W number). You will need this for the SacE3 Stipend Application and the Canvas platform. Later, you will receive an invitation to join the Los Rios SacE3 Collaboration Canvas Shell. 

All items are preferred to be submitted in PDF format. A picture of the document will also be accepted.


W-9 – SCOE Early Learning

This is a Federal tax ID form required for stipend payment. Stipends are taxable so this form must be filed by SCOE with the IRS.

Where to Upload: Upload a PDF or picture of W-9 form to the 2024 SPRING Semester SacE3 Los Rios Community College Coursework Unit Stipend Application.

How to obtain Document: Download the W-9 form here. Complete, sign and date the form. Scan the form to a PDF or take a picture.

Due Date: March 15, 2024

Employment Verification 

Employment Verification – SCOE Early Learning

This verifies your employment and must be signed by your administrator/supervisor.

Where to Upload: Upload the PDF or picture to the SacE3 Los Rios College Canvas platform.

How to obtain Document: This is an assignment from Canvas and must be uploaded to SacE3 Canvas Course. 

Due Date: April 15, 2024

Unofficial Transcript 

Unofficial Transcript – SCOE Early Learning

Unofficial transcript with degree coursework for Summer and/or Fall 2023 and completed with grade of “C” or better may be submitted. Note: transcript must show at minimum: college name, student’s name, term and year, course number, course title, number of units, and grade.

Where to Upload: Upload PDF of your Fall and/or Summer transcript to the  SacE3 Los Rios College Canvas platform

How to obtain Document: Go to E-Services to get the unofficial transcripts after grades are posted.

Due Date: May 28, 2024

Contact Amira Bell, Student Specialist, at ude.soirsol.ccs%40alleb for assistance, college transcript review, or other concerns.

To create a PDF of your document: Applicants have used free scanner apps on their cell phones to scan paperwork. With an iPhone, the Notes app can scan and email. Go here for directions: You may also go to the Android or Apple app store to download a free scanner app, such as Adobe Scan or Genius Scan. If you are unable to upload/e-mail documents or need assistance, please e-mail us at ten.eocs%403EcaS.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Answers to frequently asked questions (FAQ) about the SacE3 College Course Stipend Program and more information about SacE3 can be found at If you have any questions, please e-mail us at: ten.eocs%403ecas.