Early Head Start (EHS) Home-Based Program

Early Head Start home-based services are provided to expectant parents and children ages birth to 36 months and their families. A home educator makes weekly 1½ hour visits to provide age and developmentally appropriate child-focused learning experiences in the family's home. 

Services include: fun and engaging high quality learning experiences that promote child growth and development; individualized education plan; health, nutrition, and developmental screenings; parenting skills support that promote parents’ ability to support the child’s cognitive, social, emotional, language, literacy, and physical development; services and support for children with disabilities; assistance with accessing health and community resources; prenatal and postpartum education and support for expectant parents; and preschool readiness activities.

Socialization gatherings, conducted twice a month, allow children and families to socially interact and learn a variety of skills about topics important to the educational development and education of the child and family. Group socializations are conducted with both child and parent participation and promote the parent’s role as the child’s teacher through experiences focused on the parent-child relationship.

Early Head Start (EHS) – SCOE Early Learning
SCOE Early Head Start Home Based Referral/Interest Form – SCOE Early Learning

SCOE Early Head Start Home Based Referral/Interest Form

Use this referral/interest form to refer families to the Sacramento County Office of Education Early Head Start Home Based program.

Fun activities – SCOE Early Learning

● Fun activities● Individualized education plan● Health and nutrition

Developmental screenings – SCOE Early Learning

● Developmental screenings ● Parenting skills support● Services & support for children with disabilities

Referrals and access to resource staff – SCOE Early Learning

● Referrals and access to resource staff● Prenatal and postpartum information ● Preschool readiness activities

Commonly Asked Questions

  • Commonly Asked Questions 1 – SCOE Early Learning

    Who will come to my home?

    An EHS educator who is experienced and knowledgeable in the areas of child development and early childhood education will visit your home.

  • Commonly Asked Questions 2 – SCOE Early Learning

    How often will the EHS educator come to my home?

    Weekly 1½ hour home visits are scheduled when you are available.

  • Commonly Asked Questions 3 – SCOE Early Learning

    What will we do during these home visits?

    You will be assisted in strengthening your families’ understanding of how children grow and learn through activities that include toys, books and videos. EHS educators will provide information and referrals related to health, education, nutrition, and social services; health screenings for family members; possible tuition reimbursement for college/ vocational training; and resources for other community services.

  • Commonly Asked Questions 4 – SCOE Early Learning

    How much will these services cost?

    These services are free to families who meet income eligibility guidelines for Early Head Start.

For questions about the EHS Home-Based Program, contact Early Head Start.

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